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Who am I and what inspired me to blog?

Thanks for coming to my blog!

Hi, I’m Amy!  I thought I would start with an introduction. I spend a lot of time crafting, any chance I get, I’m in my craft room. I’m a near self-taught crafter (I’ve had the odd lesson for things here and there), a lot of trial and error, asking people, and of course, our good friend Google! My three main areas are sewing, baking/cake decorating, and card making, although I love trying new crafts.  I hope to share some tips, tutorials should you be struggling with something you’re working on or inspiration to get you going. I plan to share projects that work and those that don’t/a blooper reel (the great chocolate ganache flood comes to mind here, sadly I didn’t actually take a photo of this, but you can imagine this mess).  All you have to remember is it doesn’t always work every time!

I also have a glamorous assistant who likes to help where he can – Nando. Over the years, he has become less of a thief and more of a helper! His favourite things to do are unthread my overlocker, get on or under fabric, he also likes to chase scissors when cutting fabric.  No Nando’s are ever hurt in the making!

My next challenge is to learn to crochet – my Mum and my Nan have both attempted this mountain of a task multiple times and cannot seem to get my head around it.  Mum said I pull the yarn too tight, my Nan said it is because my Mum tried to teach me and blamed her for being left-handed! I think it is time I pay for a lesson with someone neutral to see if that helps – I’ll keep you updated on my progress with this!  And I’m sure Nando will be excited to help on this challenge!

If there is something you’d like to see or have any questions on any of my creations please do get in touch!  You can navigate through my categories at the top or through my gallery to learn more about any project.

I hope you find this useful, please look around and follow on social media for the latest ideas and tips.

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