So last year, I stumbled across a free webinar put on by @michaelsstores on bullet journaling. I was then hooked. I’ve since then introduced my Mum to bullet journalling, and she has got a few other people interested. 

But like my Mum, they had some questions, and these are questions I’ve seen pop up in many places. So, I am going to try and answer these below.

What supplies do I need?

In theory, you can make a bullet journal work with any notebook and pens that you have. Most commonly, you’ll see that dot grid paper is used in bullet journals. And then it is up to you whether you want fancy pens, washi tape, embellishments etc.

What do I put in my journal?

It is your journal – you can put whatever you like in it. Common ideas are:

  • Monthly calendars
  • Weekly calendars
  • Key dates
  • Habit trackers 
  • To-do lists
  • Reading lists

Remember, it is your journal. You can put in whatever you like! 

Where do I begin?

The best place to start is scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest, searching for bujo or bullet journal. You’ll see some amazing pictures of people’s work on either social media. Take inspiration from these and start building up ideas of what you like. 

At this point, I take a scrap piece of paper and start drawing out some ideas I get inspiration from. It often changes from the original rough workings as it goes into the journal, which is ok. This also gives you an idea of size as well and what you can fit on each page.

Try and think of a theme that suits you and your skill level as such. I see some fantastic themes with loads of drawings, and I’m not there yet. I’ll be the first to admit I can’t draw! You can also trace different things. I often do this with my writing as I like having different fonts (and not quite there with the freehand lettering).

How do I start my page?

Like all crafting, count twice, cut once…except don’t cut here. But I start everything in pencil. I work out where everything will fit (and this is when it often changes from my original ideas) and that I have everything I want. Once it is all in, have fun with your pens and make it yours!

How do I embellish my pages?

This is entirely up to you. Lots of people draw or doodle on them; there are loads of great tutorials out there. I often use rubber stamps as I have so many of them and also for the reasons above!

My other tips

When I started, I used a ruler to draw every line as my hand isn’t the most steady. I did one like this, and it took so long to do and made my journal look rigid. After that, I went to freehand, and although not 100% straight, I actually think it looks better. 

If it does go wrong, don’t panic. Like everything, you can fix it. Whether you cut the page out or glue it to a previous page, there is always a way. 

No two bullet journals are the same, and if you’re following my account, you probably know this applies to all crafts. 

I always try and do my bullet journal in advance of the month and in daylight. I use a dot grid paper, and it can make you go a bit cross-eyed but even more so in dim lighting.

And like all crafting, have fun! If it becomes a chore or a task you dread, it isn’t worth doing.

Have some bullet journalling questions? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll try and help you out.