Well, just over halfway through the month and I’m only just posting it. Better late than never I guess. It has been done since December and I already have inspiration for February.

I find bullet journaling a great way to hold myself accountable in the habit tracker section but a wonderful creative outlet to organise myself for the month ahead. But it is purely for pleasure, no work stuff ever enters my bullet journal. I make a conscious effort to keep work “at work” (I say that in quotes as my craft room is also my office – talk about temptation!) and it will stay that way. Plus, I use a project management app to organise myself there.

For Christmas, I bought my Mum some bits to get started with bullet journaling as she was intrigued with it. But she didn’t know where to start. We had numerous conversations about it and still do, always good for bouncing ideas off of each other as well. She said she seemed worried about making mistakes or putting things in the wrong place. My advice was, it is your bullet journal, you can do what you like with it and put things where you want. There are no rules.

Here is what I am doing for 2021 and some pics of January pages.

Annual spreads and pages: I have done some annual pages for it – goals, books read, charity giving, present inspiration. These are right at the front of my journal and the right fit for me. There are plenty of annual spreads you can do, and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Monthly sections: I tend to start mine with a calendar of the month which has key dates on it, and then in the section, I have to do, to make, ideas, habit trackers, and a just for fun section. I’m also trying to incorporate a motivation or a positive thought for each month. This one seemed perfect as I am a natural worrier. I’ve also blurred some stuff out, such as gifts I have to make.

Weekly spreads: I don’t use the weekly spreads, or haven’t done yet. I started bullet journaling in 2020, and well we all know there was very little to actually put down for it, and that continues for 2021. Maybe when life returns to normal, I will consider it when there is something more to put in.

What I want to make sure of for mine, is that I’m a creature of habit, and I don’t want each month to look or feel the same. So look out for February and let’s see if I can achieve that. Any tips?!