Three balls of yarn with two crochet hooks. What type of hook do you use?

As you know, I discovered crochet last year, and I still have so much to learn and understand. 

Up until now, I have worked with aluminium hooks. In the autumn, my Aunt kindly sent me some bamboo ones, just because. And for Christmas, my brother bought me a nice holder which contained ergonomic silicon handle ones (and also came with loads of other bits and pieces). 

So, I’ve had a little play, doing beginner’s things, well because that is about my skill level! The yarn I have is too lightweight to use on the bamboo hooks, so I have just compared the aluminium and the ergonomic hooks.

Here are my thoughts on each. 

  • Aluminium hook: small to hold, which is great as I have tiny hands, but my tiny hands are often freezing cold, making it hard to grip these hooks sometimes. There is a lot of space on the hook for the yarn, which I think is beneficial if working with reductions and criss-cross patterns.
  • Ergonomic hook: easy to grip (actually easier than I thought) and moves nicely. My concern with these would be if doing a larger project, is there enough space on the hook portion as it is actually quite limited (this may show my lack of crochet experience here). Although, this may be a positive as I sometimes struggle to keep my yarn towards the top of the hook.

Really, the verdict is still out, and I think I need to do a lot more to crocheting (tragic, I know) before making a bigger decision and commitment to hook type! Any tips, thoughts or recommendations? Let me know in the comments, I’m really intrigued!