I’m going to start the year by setting myself some goals. My first goal related to crafting is developing and dedicating time to my blog. Sharing my passion for crafting is something I am very keen to do, and my blog is the best means to do this. I have invested in myself with a blogging course, so I am working my way through that, plus hopefully a few other exciting things planned. But that’s not what you’re here to read about. You want to know the fun stuff – the crafting. I’m already thinking about gifts to make for 2021. I enjoyed making more gifts this past year, so I am looking to do more. 

Many people hated lockdown in 2020, or just 2020 full stop. I know it had a significant impact for many mentally, physically, financially, and I am not trying to say it didn’t or minimise the effect. For me, it did have its downsides and a couple of tough points, but I am focusing one the positives, it gave me the gift of time (and an amazing holiday before the chaos descended upon us). Time I would usually spend commuting or rushing around from one thing to another, and I used this time wisely. I got myself into some incredible healthy routines, increased my exercise, housework was always done, and I still had time to do some crafts.

In 2020, I discovered bullet journaling, and I knew this had to be part of my life. Organisation and creativity together are exactly who I am! I am using my journal not only to organise my life but also plan out projects, plan out what I want to share with you and when. I’m looking forward to upskilling myself in the world of bullet journaling as I found the first few I did last year for each month all looked the same!

I finally worked out how to crochet and fell in love with it. This happened when my husband was away for five days with his dream job (which sort of started in 2020 – here’s hoping for a good 2021 for him). But I had fives days of absolute quiet and could sit down and figure it out. I still struggle with it, I struggle to read patterns and figure out what is going on, I struggle with remembering which stitch I am meant to be doing, I struggle with there being two versions of crochet (UK and USA), and most of all, I struggle with counting. They suddenly introduce a new stitch, so it is off to YouTube to figure out what I am doing. What I’m saying here is crochet is a slow process for me, but I am improving and loving it and have bought a couple of new patterns and I look forward to making some fantastic gifts in 2021. 

For Christmas, I received a kit to make wax melts from FizzyWhiz. Those who know me personally know I always have candles burning or an electric wax melter on in the house. And a large variety of scents as well, because I get bored! But now, I can make wax melt scents, which I am super excited about. I can share how they look through here, but sadly, I can’t share the smell. 

I’m continuing with the online calligraphy course with The Happy Ever Crafter. I have also thoroughly enjoyed learning over the past few months and will continue doing this and looking to improve and where I can incorporate it with other things I am making, such as cards and gift tags. 

And projects that are just for me. I want to create a recipe book with all of my favourite recipes in it. Well two actually, one for meals and one for baking. And I also have several unfinished (some not even started) scrapbooks I would love to finish from unforgettable holidays.

And all of these things don’t take away from the crafts I love already. I still try to hand make all of my birthday and Christmas cards, I still love to sew, and I am trying to use up my fabric pile (although I am still at war with my overlocker and I cannot get anywhere with it). I still love making cakes, these aren’t as often though as I don’t make them for me.

So keep checking here for the latest or Instagram if you just want to see pictures of my makes (after they have been gifted of course). And I promise I am going to do better on these accounts over 2021.