I’m going to share with you my five top tips for getting started with Cricut.

Let me start with a bit of background. I’ve been a very long time Cricut user, started with the Cuttlebug (which I still have and use regularly). Then I had the first Cricut electronic cutting machine, and this was before any software existed so had to play around to get things to cut to the right size, on a 6×12 inch mat and using cartridges. They then brought out Cricut Craftroom software, and to be honest, it was revolutionary! I then received a Cricut cake machine, sadly, this isn’t compatible with DesignSpace, and Craftroom no longer exists, making it harder to use, but I still use it from time to time. And then I upgraded to a Cricut Explore a few years back and love it. I’ve never had any problems with it (hope I’ve not just jinxed it).

Along with that, I have two heat presses, a standard one and the little mini one, and the Brightpad. I want to add in, this post isn’t sponsored by Cricut, everything is bought and paid for (except for the Brightpad which I won). So what I’m trying to tell you here, is I’m a super experienced Cricut user.

So here are the tips I have promised:

  1. Don’t be scared of it. It can be incredibly daunting, and even a little frustrating to start with. Get it out of the box, download Design Space. There are some free projects on there without having to subscribe. Go with a basic project initially or even some basic cuts and play.
  2. When removing anything from the mat, pull the mat away from what you have cut. This helps to prevent it from curling, especially paper.
  3. I always use the blue mat for cutting. The green one it comes with is super sticky, so I go with the blue one.
  4. When cutting heat transfer vinyl (HTV), make sure you mirror your image in Design Space before cutting. This is a little radio button you select once you have clicked make it.
  5. Each supplier of HTV has its temperature guides and methods, make sure you look at these specifically for the manufacturer.

If you’re still not sure, please feel free to comment below or on my Instagram post, and I’ll do my best to help you. Most importantly, have fun, and welcome to the Cricut world.