I’ve been waiting and waiting to share these! I’ve said before, both of my parents have said it is something they look forward to, seeing what I have designed. And I didn’t want to ruin the surprise for them. But when you send things abroad, you have to rely on the delivery before you can share them.

I came up with the design back in the summer and absolutely loved making them and so happy with how they turned out.

A quick guide to how I made these.

  1. Stamp the gnomes onto the card.
  2. Stamp the gnomes onto labels and cut them out (they did come with a die but wasn’t a close enough cut for what I wanted.
  3. Peel the back off the label. All you need to do is run your scissors over the back of the label scoring it and should be able to get it off. I used a weeding tool as well to help remove it.
  4. Put the label version over the card version and painted with my watercolours.
  5. Once dry, I used my embossing heat gun to soften the glue on the labels and peeled them off.
  6. Finished up with the calligraphy writing, and I will admit, I traced these as my freehand isn’t great, but also I did these before I started my courses.


  • stamp – I’m honestly not sure where I got it from as have had it for a good few years
  • cardstock – Hobbycraft
  • Paints – Hobbycraft
  • Pen – Pentel

I hope this gives you some inspiration for future cards. If it does, I’d love to see them so don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @amakes_blog.