With lockdown two coming into place this month in England, The Happy Ever Crafter’s minuscules alphabet course couldn’t have started at a better time. The month I spent doing her free Show Me Your Drills course is really making sense and coming together now.

I’m now a little over halfway through and going strong, I would say. I am actually finding it a bit meditative. Shut off from everything and do some lettering every evening. It’s odd though, as when I do my letters, I look at them and don’t think they look very good. But when I look the next day, I think to myself they don’t look bad at all.

At the start of it, Becca suggested attempting the alphabet without looking at how to do it. You’ll be able to see my comparison from then to now for the first half (and ignore my scribbled out letter n, clearly forgot the alphabet!). The blue was the start, the red was after completing the m.

First half of the alphabet in modern calligraphy.

But then, on Saturday evening, my husband and I got into a riveting conversation about my letter m, for him to tell me my writing is weird! This was the recurring topic (mainly because I kept coming back to it) most of the evening. I became a little paranoid, as I still do a fair amount of handwritten cards for work, that the recipients wouldn’t be able to read them.

All of those letters, except for the letter b, is the way I was taught in elementary school when learning cursive handwriting, and this was something that was drilled into us for many years. From grade 3 to grade 7, I don’t think we weren’t allowed to submit assignments that weren’t in handwriting.

Needless to say, I felt a little victory when I spotted my piano tuner’s reminder card on the fridge – written very similar to my handwriting. So really I’m not the odd one, or, I’m a very old soul. Either way, no plans to change, just to make it nicer.

Check back in a couple of weeks for the second half of the alphabet.