Are you buying one lucky person a sewing machine for Christmas? Well, first of all, what a gift! They will get a lot of pleasure out of it but will need a few other bits to get going.

  • Fabric: don’t buy someone a sewing machine if they don’t have any fabric, that will just be torture. Aldi often does fat quarter bundles (4-5 pieces of fabric that measure 18×22″ each) at a very affordable price. Also, check out your local sewing stores too. I’d recommend starting with a cotton or polycotton blend for a beginner.
  • Thread: you can’t make anything without thread. I always use Gutermann thread, but that is my preference. You can buy thread at any sewing store.
  • Pins or clips: to hold things in place while sewing, you’ll need pins and clips. Generally, I work with pins, but if using anything with stretch or small to keep in place, I use the clips.
  • Scissors: and don’t ever think about using these on paper! My favourite is Fiskars scissors. I have a large and mini pair. The mini scissors are great for cutting all of your hard work when you’ve done it wrong. And the alternative to the mini scissors is a stitch ripper.
  • Tape measure: and no, not a hard DIY one. A cloth tape measure. I also use a ruler from time to time, but I cannot draw a straight line even for an inch by eye!
  • Chalk or fabric marker: I prefer chalk personally and it brushes off nice and easy.

And maybe try and finish off this wonderful gift with a simple pattern or some instructions on how to make a basic project – check out the sewing section, there are some in there.

Still unsure on what is what? Don’t be afraid to comment and I will do my best to help you.