So again, I dropped the ball on my drills this week. My only excuse is being knackered. Work is crazy busy at the moment and non-stop from beginning to end. And even though I’m at home four days a week, I just don’t have the energy after work and then my exercise. But it was the final week of Show Me Your Drills, I’ve caught up this weekend and I have to say I am loving them.

Day 1 – Still actually seems to give me the most bother. The upstroke I really struggle to get smooth, I would say the angle of them has slightly improved.

Day 2 – More excitingly, the day four new pens arrived and I had fresh colours to play with! I have to say though, not looking too bad.

Day 3 – As you can see, I am getting more fussy about my ones that I approve. I am known for being a perfectionist but I also know that it doesn’t happen overnight.

Day 4 – I don’t know why this one will never load and look correct. On my phone not blurry, on a full screen, not blurry…put it in here and blurry! But there were a few more in here that I was happy with.

Day 5 – This pen is a lovely pale pink but clearly not great for photos. The oval has actually become my second favourite stroke after the compound one. Who would have thought that?!

Day 6 – By the time I got to this one yesterday after catching up on where I got behind, my hand was like ice. Doesn’t make it easy to control the stroke. But I have worked out where it is going wrong and how to correct it.

Day 7 – the final day! You’ll see towards the end they are looking a lot better (or some are), but like yesterday, I have worked out that shape for the curve at the bottom which makes the difference.

I’ve actually bought Becca’s workbook bundle for better than 50% off this weekend only. So you’ll still get to follow along with my progress but moving onto letters. Next up is the lowercase alphabet, so keep an eye out for it.