Last year, actually around this time, I did two calligraphy courses. One was modern brush calligraphy and one was copperplate calligraphy. When I booked the courses, I thought I was going to love the brush over the traditional copperplate. But I was wrong, and I’ve done a lot more practice with my dip pen and guide sheets than I ever did with my brush pen.

And I think I know why. I came away with the supplies (some bought on the day), most important to me was the paper to use with guidelines. I also think having the rules and structure of copperplate suits my personality better. Whereas the brush one, I wasn’t really sure how to keep going on my own, not sure what paper to use (or not having guidelines). And the bits I have done with it, I’ve usually traced. But I am determined to improve and learn.

You’re probably wondering where I am going with this! This week, I have started the Show Me Your Drills (FREE!) course online with the Happy Ever Crafter. Becca goes through all of the supplies beforehand, gives you a FREE workbook to start the basics of brush lettering (you can use a dip pen as well for this course), and a daily activity for four weeks. If you’re wondering, I’m using Canson marker paper, a Tombow Fuudenosuke pen and I also used a Cricut brightpad (if doing in the evenings).

Day one started with upstrokes and downstrokes, sounds easier than it is! But it is only week one day one, and hoping to see some improvement soon! I can’t wait to see how I progress and will be sure to update on here with the progressions.

Week one, day one – upstrokes and downstrokes with Show Me Your Drills online workshop.