So, as you’ve probably noticed, I kinda lost some interest in blogging. I started so keen and enthusiastic when I was unhappy in my job. Then I changed jobs (a good thing) but it has me so busy. And then during lockdown, I decided to spend some time upskilling myself, including a blogging course, which some was useful, some just filled my head with noise and worries.

But in my challenge to learn and try new things, I did a FREE webinar with Michaels on bullet journalling last week and actually think I am in love with it. Two of my favourite things, organising and crafting coming together. Not sure why I have never done this sooner if I am honest. I think it will help me focus as well on craft projects I want to work on, recipes I want to try, track my exercise, photography inspiration and most importantly – topics to blog about for the month.

I attempted a page while doing the webinar, and then counted the boxes incorrectly and had to cut it out…at least it was only page 1. And then me being me, I sat and planned it all out after that point because I can’t just wing it.

But here is my August spread – what do you think?