Fabric craft

Face masks

Four face masks

So I spent last weekend making face masks – I know everyone is making them right now. I spent a lot of time researching and tested out a few different styles, designs and patterns – why try and come up with one on my own when there are so many out there.

In the end, I decided on Sweet Red Poppy’s fitted face mask and she offers five different sizes on her template. I made a couple of adjustments, I didn’t use the wire in the nose piece, and for the masks I made for men, I used slightly longer elastic as my husband said it was too tight! But Kimberly offers a great pattern and instructions on her blog, so check them out if you’re after a quick win mask.

I made 18 of them in a few hours, as usual, the fabric cutting and the ironing took the most time! Using clips rather than pins makes it a lot easier, especially with the elastic, but not necessary. And my last tip would be to make sure you iron open your seams before sewing the two halves together.

And a great way to use up scrap cotton fabric, and surely this gives me the excuse to fill those gaps now and buy more!

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