My most popular Christmas present I made in 2019 (and I seemed to make a lot of these) are bowl cozies. You no longer need to burn your hands getting hot bowls out of the microwave! You will need 100% cotton to make these safe for use in the microwave. 

Cut the outside and inside fabrics and two pieces of cotton batting, all 12 inch squares. Sew one piece of the batting to the wrong side of the fabric, corner to corner. Do this to the other piece of fabric and batting as well.  

Next – fold the fabric in half, measure 1 inch wide and 2 inches long and mark the line, do this on each edge. Next sew along the line above and cut off the remnant from each side.  Do this on both pieces of fabric.  

Next, place the sewn squares right side together, put the one you want on the outside inside the inner fabric. Sew along the edges leaving a gap to turn through. Pull through and sew shut.  

Happy cooking and no more burned fingers! 

Finished bowl cozy