Modern calligraphy sweet sixteen birthday card

In the autumn, I did two calligraphy courses through The Makery – one modern brush script and one traditional. I really enjoy both of them, although, I feel the traditional one is probably more me as has more rules and straighter lines! I did leave both of them feeling inspired to use it more and make nice things.  

It has recently been my eldest niece’s 16th birthday (boy am I getting old), she is a very artistic girl, and therefore, I need to keep my game up with anything I make her! I haven’t used watercolour paints since I was a child, but loved the colours when I saw these in Hobbycraft and was determined to use them. So I splattered paint on the card (this does not come easily to me), waited for it to dry. To get the writing correct (spacing, straight etc), I actually printed out the wording and used my Cricut Brightpad to trace it. I used a Pentel touch pen – keep it simple!  

I do keep practising both of them and have another traditional calligraphy workshop booked later this spring, so hopefully you’ll see an improvement on my Instagram account as I practise.