Scrapbooking… one of those things that I always put on the back burner. Why?  Because it is for me! I really enjoy scrapbooking, in particular my holidays, and I love looking at all of my holiday photos time and time again (and if you’re not aware I love taking photos as well).  But I still have a number of incomplete scrapbooks because I can’t find the right embellishment or don’t want to write on the page because my writing is horrible.  

But here we are – one of my favourite pages from my scrapbook of my trip to Florida in 2010 to see a great friend who took me to some amazing places. Caladesi Island was my favourite natural beauty site (top highlight was going to Kennedy Space Station!) and which is why it made the front page of my scrapbook.  

The background paper I bought (and can’t remember where), but the picture is one image.  The main portion is 4 inches wide and the smaller strips are each half an inch wide but you could make these as big or as little as you like.  

My goal is to spend more time doing some crafts for me so you’ll be sure to see some more scrapbooking pics in the future.