One of my go to new baby gifts is a baby blanket that fits a crib.  Sometimes I use the quilt panels and other times, I just use cotton fabric that I like.  Either way, they are all the same size 112 x 92 cm (or 44 x 36 inches).  

I always make them lightweight and use a 2 oz batting/wadding for the inside so the can be used a lot easier.  

And for the back, depending on what I can find that matches, I sometimes use a brush cotton/flannel or just normal cotton fabric.  

There is a very simple way to make these.  

Step 1: cut fabric.

Step 2: cut batting.

Step 3: put fabric right sides together and batting on top.  

Step 4: pin materials together.

Step 5: sew around, I usually use ⅝ inch seam allowance.  Make sure you leave a gap at the bottom as you will need to pull this through. I usually leave around 8 – 10 inches but depends on your patience and how much hard work you want pulling it all through.  

Step 6: pull through so the fabric is right sides out and the batting is on the inside.

Step 7: top stitch the whole way around and this will make sure your opening is closed and everything is held in place.  

And there you have it – your very own baby blanket!