Cat Cake

Again, like the dog cake, I also make cat themed cakes for my local animal shelter.  I honestly can’t remember what flavour this cake was, most likely either chocolate or vanilla to keep it simple and cater to anyone who won it in the raffle.  I love making these cakes, always fun and different but also for such a good cause.  

I coloured the sugarpaste/fondant in the base colours I was using (purple, pink, blue, and the light brown).  Rolled the colours out to look like yarn (wish I would have made the purple and blue thinner looking back), bade a ball with the pink and put a small piece over the top and scored it using a cocktail stick.  To make the cat, two balls – one for the head and body, four ovals – front and back legs, and two little ears and a tail. Use a bit of white to make the toes, eyes and nose. I used an edible marker for the pupils and some dusting powder with a bit of vanilla extract mixed in to make a paint to colour the cat!  

Put up for raffle and help homeless cats and dogs eat, stay warm and find a new forever home.

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