Supplies needed: front and back fabric, thread, scissors, snaps & snap applicator (can use other fasteners as well).

So many of my friends are having kids now, this is keeping me incredibly busy with projects for gifts for their arrival and following birthdays!  One of the more popular requests (yes my friends actually make requests to what they want for baby presents – the cheek I know!) is bandana bibs. But these are great for using up scraps of fabric!  You’ll see three different fabrics for bibs used – that’s what happens when multitasking and forgetting to take pics at different stages.

You can download the pattern I use here – however, I was told though that they fit a bit small, either that or the babies who have received these have fat necks!  So may want to look at adjusting this pattern slightly, or one friend suggested putting multiple snaps onto the larger ones so can be used more.  

As usual, the start is cutting fabric…the worst job!  For this set, all it took was a fat quarter of each material.  The front is normal cotton and the back is a soft flannel. And you can get 2-3 bibs per fat quarter. Cut, cut, cut… 

Pin right sides together, and sew around the seams, leaving a small gap as you’ll need to turn this through.  You can see where I have left the gap in the picture below.  

You’ll then need to trim your seams, I trim the whole way around with the exception of near the opening (leave a margin either side as well).  

You’ll then need to pull this through so right sides out.  I used a small pen to push through the narrow ends and the point at the bottom to ensure completely out.  

Pin the fabric flat and top stitch around the entire bib.

Here was where I learned a new skill.  I thought applying anything with a snap must be incredibly difficult…a little Google and YouTube search and so easy.  I bought a KamSnap (or as I like to refer to it, my Snaplicator!) and it came with all different sorts of plastic snaps.  

For this, you’ll need the snaplicator, the sharp pokey device (very technical here I know), two of the pronged pieces from the bag of snaps and one male and one female end.  

Poke a hole in each part of the strap where you want the snap to me.  

On one end put the pronged piece facing down and either end on it, on the non-pronged side, place the rubber end of the snaplicator and press for just a couple of seconds.  On the other end put the pronged piece facing the other way and the other end and repeat.  

If you put your snap on backwards, you may panic and think you’ve ruined your piece, don’t fret I have guidance for this as well!  All you have to do is take the rubber piece off of the snaplicator and squeeze from the side on to the snap and it will eventually break off, then reapply.  

And you’re finished your own bandana bib.