Everyone gets a little hangry when they are desperate for food…and me, even more so when I am waiting for my food to cook.  Although, this apron wasn’t for me, it was part of a baking gift set I put together for my niece . A great and simple gift to make!  I bought the apron on Amazon but can buy a plain coloured apron pretty much anywhere.

I bought my heat transfer vinyl from Crafty Cutter, they are a wonderful company with a great range and always include a lovely message on their dispatch notes.  Would highly recommend them!

And then off to my favourite crafting tool – my Cricut.  I put together the design using fonts and a simple line with a heart attached to it.  Put the heat transfer vinyl face down on the mat and cut away. I used an iron for this project, followed the instructions on the Crafty Cutter website, and crafted the afternoon away!