Fabric craft


Taggies are a great gift for babies to play with but also a great way to use up fabric. They can be any shape or size, some people make them in a pillow type way, or shaped like an animal. But as basic square or rectangle you can sew in such a quick amount of time.

Start with getting 2 pieces of fabric of the same size. The next step is cutting some ribbon, I try and vary the texture and width of my fabric as it is meant to develop babies. make sure you have enough length to fold it in half and have enough still to stick out.

Then working around your fabric, on the right side (patterned side) fold and pin ribbon in place where you want each piece allowing a little of the end of each piece of ribbon to overhang the edge of the fabric. Then pin the other piece of fabric down and in place with the right-sides together (both patterned pieces facing with the ribbon in the bottom.

Sew around the edge, I usually do about 1/2 inch seam but this is entirely up to you. Make sure you leave a gap though as you will need to pull this through later on. Once you have done the sewing at this step, trim the edges close to the seam and clip the corners (cut on an angle) near to the seam. Flip your taggie so it is the right way out, pin the opening shut and then top stitch the whole piece.

Finished – well done! Hope you find these instructions quite simple and straightforward, if not let me know and I will try and talk you through it.

Farm fabric taggie

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