Misc. crafts

Wedding cake topper

So…our third wedding anniversary! That has come around quick. As you can imagine, I made as much as I could for our wedding – invitations, decorations, and the cake! Most brides would have been stressed, but not me… I’d also like to note we decided to move 6 months before our wedding and take on a house than was in need of complete redecoration! It was all good though!

I thought I would focus on the cake topper for this post though. As it is wedding season, I thought some brides might be looking for some inspiration. Something different from tradition.

I decided to use coloured wire and make my topper. I found a font that I liked and printed out “Mr & Mrs” I had a template to use, wasn’t going to trust my own scratchy writing. Guided the wire around using some needle nose pliers. It wasn’t until I finished all of the writing I thought, hrm, how am I going to get these to stand in a cake. I then just used small pieces of wire, wrapped them around the bottom to make a spike and job done!

Our cake topper with an obvious sneak peak of our wedding cake!

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