I was planning to save this for a future post but as I won the Hobbycraft Cricut Make of the Month competition for January and was asked how I made these here we go. This was a gift for my friend’s little girl. Initially, I was told that she mainly loved taking these in and out of the bag!

I started by laying it all out in Cricut Design Space, you can access this here if you want to use my template!  But if you want to make your own, the size depends on what you’re putting them on.  

I bought the MDF discs online, most likely eBay, but I honestly can’t find where for the life of me.  The little drawstring bag came from eBay and the wording on the bag I used Heat n’ Bond on fabric and cut that from the Cricut as well.  

The cuts can be any colours you wish!  And start cutting following the directions on the screen and machine.  Then glue all the pieces together following the layers, and glue onto the discs.  

You can obviously customise this how you wish, do more, do fewer, change the animals – all just inspiration for you to make your own!  

Go Wild – Cricut matching game