Every summer I get asked by a friend to bake cakes for our local animal shelter for their open day and I always donate one myself.  Each time, I like to try and come up with something different and unique as they are raffled or auctioned off to help raise vital funds for cats and dogs of the home.  

One of my favourite cakes was a 2D shaped dog cake.  I’ve never learned to carve a cake so wasn’t about to attempt it, as I know it would end up lopsided and with trying to correct it, would then end up about the size of a cupcake!  Good thing for the hemisphere cake pans from Lakeland. I used the large one for the body and the individual one for the head and followed the recipe they suggest for a sponge.  My tip for baking in these pans is put these on a tray and make a small foil ring for them to stand up in.  My oven has a hotspot in the back left corner resulting in the cake batter being drawn that way, tipping over the pans and making one big mess in the bottom of the oven and baking the remainder on quite the angle!  

Once cooled, I sliced the cakes horizontally and filled with vanilla buttercream, put the cakes back together and did a crumb coat of buttercream around the outside.  I set this aside while I rolled out sugarpaste (fondant). One trick I always use is I get a piece of thread and measure out the cake at the widest point, this allows me to know whether or not I’ve rolled my sugarpaste wide enough.  With this cake, when the white sugarpaste was nearly at the size, I then put in some black sugarpaste discs as such and rolled these in. I then covered each cake separately, using a cake smoother to make sure it was sitting nice and I actually use a pizza cutter around the edges to cut off remanents of sugarpaste.  I then made all of the accessories – feet, nose, eyes, collar, food dish, and toys.

And off to the open day, the dog cake went for auction raising vital funds to rehome cats and dogs!  

Dog cake for charity