I love a lightweight infinity scarf, so cosy and warm for a spring or autumn day, and comfortable to wear inside as well.  And I found this fantastic fabric when visiting Canada in September at Fabricland in their clearance section…so as usual I buy 2m! I have plans for the rest of it as well, don’t worry.

This scarf is a rare project – something I actually made for myself.  This hardly ever happens – the life of a crafter, after all, making gifts for everyone else is the usual priority.  But Christmas has just been and a long time before next year, so time for me! And the fabric was a bargain in the clearance section, at the time wasn’t sure what to do with it but I liked it, so my theory always is, when in doubt, buy a minimum two metres!  

What you will need:

  • Fabric – either one piece approximately 24 inches wide by 58-65 inches long. Or, two pieces approximately each 12 inches wide by 58-65 inches long
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors

The minimum length I would recommend for fabric these scarves is about 58 inches but can increase if you want more of a hang to it.  

If using the same fabric for both sides, it is up to you whether you cut one piece or two, and depends on the pattern on the fabric as you don’t want one side upside down.  

So cut either one piece 58 inches + and if two pieces each 12 inches wide or 24 inches wide if one piece (can always make it wider if you want).  

Pin the pieces right-side together (pattern facing together).  Sew down the long seam(s).

Pull through one end up to the other keeping right sides together and the long seam inline.  Pin along here. Sew these ends together keeping 1-2 inches open.

Once you have sewn the ends nearly together, pull the fabric through the opening so the right side is out.  You now have to sew the small hole shut. A professional seamstress would do this by hand…I’m dreadful at hand sewing (thanks to three broken fingers on one hand) and this seam is not likely to be seen so I actually cheat and just use my machine.  All I would say here make sure you only have one layer of your scarf and not all of it before doing this.

Now you have an infinity scarf!