Edmonton Oilers pot stands

My brother is a HUGE Edmonton Oilers fan, anything he can get with Oilers on it he loves.  However, those items are hard to find. But what is harder, is trying to find something unique I can make for him.

I started playing around with a wood burning/pyrography kit that I received as a gift seeing what I could do with it, how easy it was to use…all I can say is make sure you keep your hand on the grip, even that gets warm.  

Anyways, once more comfortable, I bought some of the round cork pot stands from IKEA.  My next step was finding an image of the Edmonton Oilers logo and making it to the same size as the pot stands.  I then printed out a few copies and traced it onto tracing paper. I then went over this transferring the lines onto the pot stands and burned away.

Not a great photo as wasn’t thinking of anything more than my records when I made these, now looking back, I would at least ensure they were straight on the table (was trying to avoid shadows).